Defining success for also-rans

Giancarlo Stanton has been adandoned in Miami, but the Marlins can still make progress. Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

Commissioner Bud Selig is fond of saying that under his watch, revenue sharing and the addition of two wild cards have allowed more teams than ever to begin the season with at least some hope of reaching the postseason. Perhaps that's true, but realistically it doesn't apply to everyone. In five of the six divisions, there's at least one team with almost no chance for glory in 2013.

Even if there's little likelihood of success between the lines, these teams can -- must, really -- identify ways to make 2013 a successful season, rather than just marking time as endless games go by. These teams can learn more about what they have, what they don't and what they need to do to get back into contention.

For these clubs, success this season will be defined in ways other than victories.

Miami Marlins

Attempt to win back some sort of public goodwill by proving that the latest fire sale brought back the core of the next good Marlins team.