Record time

What are the odds that Kemps creates a 50/50 club, Pujols hits .400 or Stanton smashes 73? Find out below. US Presswire

In 2011, Matt Kemp narrowly missed joining the 40/40 club (40 homers and 40 stolen bases in a season), falling a home run short of being the fifth player in baseball history to achieve the feat. Two of the four who have, Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez, are among the best players to have ever stepped onto a field. The other two, Jose Canseco and Alfonso Soriano, have combined for 13 All-Star appearances. When you're in a club that Willie Mays doesn't qualify for, you're a pretty darn good player.

Rather than make membership in the 40/40 club a goal for 2012, Kemp went a step further, predicting that he'd be the founding member of the 50/50 club. There's little question that Kemp has the talent to accomplish the feat. Kemp is in his prime and is coming off a .324/.399/.586 season in which many argue that he was the deserving NL MVP. So, just how likely is him going 50/50?