Best MLB team prop bets

Martin Prado and the Diamondbacks are more dangerous than bookmakers realize. AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Baseball doesn't have the gambling market that football does, but that doesn't mean the sport's entirely devoid of some fun opportunities to either win some dough with your acumen and luck, or to look wistfully at the missing digits in your bank account come October.

Vegas is darn hard to beat. If it wasn't, Vegas simply would be a rather boring desert town instead of the symbolic representation of glitz and glamour. If you win your bets 50 percent of the time, you're losing money, but if you're one of the lucky few to consistently win 54 to 55 percent of the time, you're probably pleased with the number of commas on your monthly statement.

So here's your opportunity to either win or lose money along with me, as I use the ZiPS projection system to help pick my favorite team bets going into the 2013 season. I won't provide any Super Diamond Extra Plus Premium Ultra Mega-Lock Picks while wearing a bad plaid jacket from the 1970s and gaudy pinkie rings, but I can promise that at least we'll suffer misfortune together.

We'll look at team prop bets today and then come back with a look at individual props once Vegas issues a full list.

Arizona Diamondbacks
The wager: Over 81½ wins