KC's postseason blueprint

If the Royals even want to sniff the playoffs, Mike Moustakas must perform up to expectations. Ed Zurga/Getty Images

For just the second time in the wild-card era, the 2013 Royals finished with an above-.500 record. And for the first time in the wild-card era, they stayed in the playoff race until the final week of the season. They did so despite having an abysmal offense. This season, their offense should be improved, and with the offensive upgrades, a blueprint is in place for the team to reach the postseason.

At FanGraphs, the Royals are estimated to have 31.5 percent odds of reaching the postseason, and 23.5 percent odds of playing in a division series. Those are decent odds, though they're certainly not the best among their American League brethren. As such, a few things are going to have to break right for them to get to the postseason.