Marlins should be taken seriously

Jarrod Saltalamacchia isn't a star, but he doesn't need to be to be an upgrade for Miami. Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports

Everybody loves the Cinderella story. And in baseball, with the possible exception of a tight playoff race, few things generate more interest. Everyone loves when a hard-luck team that previously finished at the bottom of the league suddenly puts together an excellent season. Without these teams, you could also eliminate about 95 percent of sports movies in existence.

It's certainly too soon to say which, if any, 2014 teams will attain Cinderella status and make a trip to the October Ball, but one possibility from the early games of the season is the Miami Marlins. While holding off evil stepsisters Washington and Atlanta will require six months of sustained good play, Miami is 5-2 and showing signs of spunk. While the Marlins aren't a team with a great deal of assets, they did enter the season with one important aspect not often talked about: a lack of balance.