What should the Marlins do?

Should the Marlins trade their best player, Giancarlo Stanton, to improve in other areas? David Santiago/El Nuevo Herald/MCT/Getty Images

The Miami Marlins have been a classic middling team this season: good at home, not so good on the road, and merely OK overall. Right now, they're 5½ games out in the National League wild-card race. But there are five teams ahead of them, and so their playoff odds stand at a slim 2.6 percent overall, according to FanGraphs.

As such, the Marlins aren't likely to make much noise over the next few days in advance of the trade deadline. They're not bad enough -- and don't have enough veteran talent -- to commence a fire sale, and yet their position in the standings leaves them in no position to be buyers. That's all fine, because the Marlins have built a decent core of young players that they should hold on to anyway.

Still, the team would be smart to sell off some spare parts to a few contenders, and add some talent for the future in the process.