Win-loss projections, playoff odds

Buck Showalter's O's are 28-15 since the All-Star break and appear to be headed for a division title. Joy R. Absalon/USA TODAY Sports

With the season now 85 percent complete, it's officially time for the final stretch, 3½ weeks of intense play and scoreboard-watching.

So what better time to check in on the updated playoff odds. As usual, projections are made using a Monte Carlo simulation and the ZiPS projection system. They're based on probabilities, not destiny, and I've included several categories in the tables, including each team's projected win-loss record, chances of winning the division (DIV%) or a wild-carth berth (WC%), their overall playoff chances (Playoff%) and their odds of winning the World Series (WS Win%). The projections are based on standings through Tuesday night's games.

AL East