Mexico cancels baseball season because of coronavirus pandemic

MEXICO CITY -- For the first time in almost a century, Mexico has canceled its professional baseball season, the Mexican Baseball League announced Wednesday.

The Mexican Baseball League said it regretted the cancellation of the 2020 season, noting it was the first time in 95 years that an entire season had been canceled.

The summer season had been scheduled to start Aug. 7, but the 16 team owners decided that they could not guarantee the safety of fans and players.

Sporting events in Mexico have to be played without spectators because of the coronavirus pandemic. But for baseball, playing without fans would not have been economically feasible.

Mexican baseball teams make much of their money from tickets and refreshments at stadiums. They do not have the broadcast income that soccer teams do.

Also Wednesday, organizers announced the cancellation of the Mexico City Telcel Marathon 2020, which had been scheduled for Aug. 30, citing the safety of participants and spectators. Runners who had registered for the marathon can compete in 2021 or get a refund.