Houston Astros fans get to laugh at the haters for at least one day in MLB playoffs

For every baseball fan outside of Houston, it was easy to hate on the Houston Astros.

They cheated and got caught. Then the coronavirus pandemic happened, and baseball fans were deprived of their ability to boo them. Fans tried. They flew planes with banners around stadiums. They banged trashcans whenever the Astros were in town. Rob Lowe got involved.

Then the Astros got into the playoffs with a losing record and their karma ran into the impressive, but depressing, run of postseason bad luck around the Minnesota Twins. The Astros swept the Twins Wednesday, extending Minnesota's postseason losing streak to a record 18 games.

The Astros' haters and fans had a lot to say about it. In more confusing, ironic, karma-impaling developments, because of the playoff bubbles, the Astros will play the ALDS at Dodger Stadium.