Brewers' gloves giving NLCS away

Nyjer Morgan has sparked Milwaukee's offense, but he has made costly defensive errors as well. Jerry Lai/US Presswire

Prior to the season, there was a pretty clear consensus on the Milwaukee Brewers: They were a talented team that could hit and pitch with the best of them.

But the questions surrounding the defense -- clearly one of the league's worst units in 2010 -- remained. Poor glove work, many predicted, would be the factor to keep the Brewers out of the World Series.

Six months later, and that prophecy is but one more error-filled game from being realized. The Brewers have made six errors through five NLCS games, and a few other clear misplays which have been labeled as hits.

Obviously Game 5, in which the Brewers made four errors, was the prime example of Milwaukee's defensive issues. But in Game 2, Shaun Marcum's first start of the series, Milwaukee was crushed by two defensive misplays by Nyjer Morgan in the third inning, which gave two runs to the St. Louis Cardinals and turned what could have been a 10-pitch inning into a 23-pitch inning.