Big Papi makes sense in the Bronx

If Boston hesitates to re-sign David Ortiz, joining Derek Jeter in the Bronx is an option. Darren McCollester/Getty Images

When it comes to free agency, there are some obvious things that are likely to happen this winter -- the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are going to add starting pitching depth, the St. Louis Cardinals are going to try their best to retain Albert Pujols, and a mystery team will appear to help boost the stock of some high-profile player.

However, we're not here to talk about the obvious. Instead, I'd like to propose five outside-the-box transactions that should happen this winter:

1. The Texas Rangers should sign Prince Fielder

While the Rangers made it back to the World Series for the second consecutive year, they did it in spite of what they got from their first baseman in 2011. The .271/.331/.422 mark put up by their collective group ranked just 23rd in the majors, and when the playoffs rolled around, they often found themselves hitting Mitch Moreland ninth in the order. When your first baseman is your worst hitter, you have a problem.