Jeter not helping Nova

Derek Jeter's glove is doing Ivan Nova no favors in 2012. Ed Zurga/Getty Images

After a strong 16-4 record and 3.70 ERA in his rookie campaign, success hasn't come as easily for Ivan Nova in 2012. He's maintained a strong record thanks to the Yankees' run support, but his ERA has ballooned over 5.00 despite a higher strikeout rate and lower walk rate. He's given up a few too many home runs, yes, but if he's looking for others reasons for his tough start, he can also turn around a point a finger at his shortstop.

It's no secret that a defense can significantly help or hurt a team and its pitching staff. Thanks to Baseball Info Solutions' defensive runs saved and other defensive metrics, we know approximately how many runs a defense can help or hurt the team over the course of a season. However, not every pitcher is affected the same way.