Joey Votto lines up a record

A perfect combination for doubles, Votto is a line-drive machine, and in any direction. Jeff Hanisch/US Presswire

Some records in baseball have become legendary over the years, to the point where most baseball fans know exactly the number and the record holder. The records for most career no-hitters (seven, Nolan Ryan), longest hitting streak (56 games, Joe DiMaggio), consecutive games played (2,632, Cal Ripken) and stolen bases in a season (130, Rickey Henderson) are some of the more famous numbers in the sport and have stood the test of time, with few challengers since they were established. There's another record that hasn't been seriously threatened in 75 years that is coming under assault this season, but you probably haven't heard much about it yet -- Joey Votto is poised to make a run at the record for most doubles in a season.