Fixes for five October sleepers

Getting Chris Carpenter back would help the Cardinals solidify their pitching staff. Rob Carr/Getty Images

As we move closer to July, the truly good and bad teams begin to really soar or sink. But in between, there are 10-15 teams whose place in the ESPN Power Rankings will vary from week to week, and a few teams that currently reside in the bottom half of the rankings may find themselves with tickets to the dance come October if they are able to improve in certain respects.

Four of the teams in the bottom 15 of the rankings -- the Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Arizona Diamondbacks and Philadelphia Phillies -- entered Sunday's play in the top 15 in team wins above replacement, and a fifth -- the Detroit Tigers -- still finds itself in an enviable position despite its lackluster play.

Despite their recent struggles, these five teams should not be written off. Let's look at what each needs to do to vault back up the Power Rankings, and, more importantly, the standings.