The worst rotation ever?

Francisco Liriano doesn't have his old power stuff, but he's the only Twins starter missing bats. Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

This year, the combined ERA of all major league pitchers is 3.97, which strongly suggests that last year's 3.94 ERA -- MLB's lowest since 1992 -- wasn't simply a fluke. Whether you think the cause of the 1990s surge was juiced players, juiced baseballs or something else, runs are a lot harder to find than they were in 2000, when baseball's ERA peaked at 4.77.

However, not all teams received the memos, apparently, with the rotations of the Minnesota Twins and Colorado Rockies not noticing the age of austerity we've entered.

Being the best at something is a terrific way to be remembered in history, but terrible is another path to immortality. The 1962 Mets are fondly remembered despite going 40-120, but other recent teams that weren't quite as good at being bad have been forgotten.

So, just how bad are Minnesota's and Colorado's starters this year? Bad like losing your car keys? Bad like breaking your foot? Bad like the sun running out of hydrogen and growing into a red giant that finishes the job of incinerating the earth?