Deadline buyer beware

Hunter Pence is not the same player he was a year ago, but his salary is only going up. Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Is there a better time in the baseball season than the weeks leading up to the non-waiver trading deadline? The deliberate, crescendoing dreams of seeing a legit ace lead your favorite team into the playoffs, punctuated with sudden bursts of "The Yankees just traded for Ichiro? No way!" makes for a really exhilarating environment.

It's easy to get caught up in the speculation and ride the high, but the uncomfortable reality is that embarrassing mistakes are going to be made. It happens all the time: Scott Kazmir bombed out for the Angels, Ken Phelps became a sitcom punch line, Eric Gagne struggled down the stretch for the Red Sox, and on and on.

Which big names on the trade market this year should teams be wary of? Here are players rumored to be on the block of whom potential buyers should beware.

Hunter Pence, RF, Philadelphia Phillies