Hitters affected most by fielding

Derek Jeter has been robbed of several hits because of good fielding plays this season. AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

Every day, we're wowed by spectacular defensive plays. Seeing Mike Trout leave his feet and take away a home run, or Gregor Blanco come out of nowhere to protect a perfect game is a big part of why we watch baseball. We remember these plays, and they influence everything else we think about those defenders. Derek Jeter, for example, has made so many absurdly good-looking plays ranging to his right that it is difficult to reconcile how he looks with his bad statistics.

There is a lot of attention put on the fielders making all of these web gems, but what about the hitters hitting into them? Who has been especially prone to these, as Baseball Info Solutions labels them, good fielding plays (GFPs) that result in an unexpected out being recorded?