Underachieving clubs with potential

Not every team can get off to a fast start -- some teams simply have to do the losing. In the season's first month, three teams have lost a lot more frequently than expected, however. As a result, the San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox and Toronto Blue Jays all find themselves among the bottom 10 in the ESPN Power Rankings this week.

But there are reasons for optimism for each team.

The Padres (No. 28 on the power rankings) had a rough start. Chase Headley went down with a thumb injury before the season even started, and then the team belly-flopped in spectacular fashion on Opening Day, losing 11-2 to the Mets. They would win just two of their next 11 contests, and their season looked over before it started. But over the past two weeks, the team has gone 7-6 and has swept two of its division rivals in the Dodgers and Giants. Two changes have been helpful in the team's bounce back.