Who's better: Miller or Harvey?

"Who's Better?" is a side-by-side breakdown of two of baseball's young superstars. ESPN Insider and former general manager Jim Bowden breaks down rookie right-handers Shelby Miller and Matt Harvey and determines who's better.

Last year Mike Trout and Bryce Harper burst onto the major league scene, providing baseball two faces of the future. Both should be perennial MVP candidates. This year, two future Cy Young candidates have emerged: The New York Mets' Matt Harvey and the St. Louis Cardinals' Shelby Miller. They are two of the game's best young pitchers and future aces. So who gives his team the best chance to win over the long term? Who's better: Harvey or Miller?

In this exercise, we'll compare the two righties based on delivery, deception, raw stuff, command, control and intangibles to compare their abilities. We also used the 20-80 scouting scale that most of baseball uses to grade pitchers' abilities in each of those categories.

The difficult part in comparing these two pitchers is taking into account their differences in style and how they get hitters out. Harvey has an overpowering fastball while his slider is his best secondary pitch. Miller's fastball isn't quite as dominant, but he commands it a bit better and complements it with a nasty 12-to-6 curveball. Both pitchers are off to dominant starts and are already in the NL Cy Young Award conversation.

As a former general manager, I've seen my share of top-of-the-rotation starters and both Harvey and Miller fit the bill. Here is my breakdown and comparison of both players from a GM's perspective.