Defensive implications of deals

Jose Iglesias, traded from the Red Sox to the Tigers this week, is an elite defensive infielder. Leon Halip/Getty Images

The MLB trade deadline came and went with few major moves, as Cliff Lee is still on the Phillies and Alex Rios is still on the White Sox. The closest things to blockbuster moves were Jake Peavy to the Red Sox in a three-team deal and Matt Garza to the Rangers, neither of which is likely to upset the overall balance of power.

Some of the less-heralded deals could still have effects on the races, though, in large part because of their defensive implications. Here are a few players traded at the deadline who could tip the scales for their teams.

Jose Iglesias, traded from the Red Sox to the Tigers

The Tigers' exchange of outfield prospect Avisail Garcia for infield prospect Iglesias provides them insurance for the potential loss of Jhonny Peralta in the Biogenesis scandal. However, Iglesias might prove to be more than a temporary fix.

Iglesias spent much of his time on the Red Sox this season manning third base, but he is a natural shortstop and potentially one of the best defenders there in the game. Iglesias has a little more than 450 innings at short in the big leagues, which is a small sample from which to draw conclusions. That said, Iglesias saved the Red Sox an estimated seven runs in that time, and scouts have raved about his defensive skills. If Iglesias maintains that pace over a full season, he would be among the highest-rated defenders in the game.