Playoff impact of suspensions

After months of leaks, rumors, whispers and speculation, Major League Baseball finally brought down the hammer Monday afternoon, announcing the suspensions for players connected with South Florida anti-aging clinic Biogenesis. Whatever position you take, from the extremes of wanting drug users burned at the stake without trial to wishing every player was a pharmaceutical-fueled gladiator, the suspensions have real consequences for that thing people paid attention to before the drug wars: the standings.

When suspending a player for games rather than simply issuing some kind of fine, you're essentially punishing the team as well. Whether or not you think that's just, we've entered the stretch drive and half of the teams still have realistic playoff hopes (the ZiPS projection system has 16 teams with a better than 1 percent chance). Losing a key player has very real consequences to teams, and as a result, the pennant race, in which a single win or even a single run has the potential to make or break a team's year.

Now that we have some actual meat in the form of a solid list of players and suspensions, let's tally up the butcher's bill. I've ranked the teams based on how much they will be affected by these suspensions.