Red Sox very reliant on old players

David Ortiz, 37, has an OPS above .950 for the third straight year. AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Last week, we looked at the teams that were getting the most production from their young players, noting that the Atlanta Braves are blowing away the field in contributions from players under the age of 25. Today, we're going to do the reverse, looking at teams that are relying heavily on older players, and might have to start making plans for replacements in the near future.

These teams have gotten the most production out of players in their age-32 season, which means that they were 32 or older on July 1. For reference, all listed player ages are as of that date, so players who turned 32 after July 1 are not counted in these groupings.

1. Boston Red Sox | 21 WAR

The Red Sox's rebirth has been well chronicled, as they remade their team last offseason through a series of smart free-agent signings. However, the plan also called for the team to lean heavily on older players, and no team in baseball has gotten as much production from guys headed toward the end of their careers as the boys in Beantown.