How to bet the 2013 World Series

LAS VEGAS -- There are some people who would rather have the Los Angeles Dodgers facing the Boston Red Sox in the World Series instead of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Maybe TV and advertising executives, as L.A. is a bigger market than St. Louis. Maybe old-timers who were happy to see the Dodgers back in prominence and wanted the East Coast versus West Coast storyline. Certainly bettors with future-book tickets on the Dodgers. After all, the Dodgers were a huge story this season, and were actually the 3-1 favorite to win it all entering the playoffs.

But I think we got the World Series we deserve, and certainly the one the Cardinals organization deserved. Just like the Red Sox, they had a record of 97-65 -- tops in their league -- and that home-field advantage helped carry them to the pennant, as was the case with the Red Sox.

No tiebreaker for home field is needed, as the American League won the All-Star Game in July (and we'll leave the commentary about that for another day).

Let's have a look at how the Vegas oddsmakers see this series playing out, how the betting has gone thus far, and how I'd play it.