Simple fixes for struggling clubs

The Sox outfield took a hit when Jacoby Ellsbury got hurt, but that's not where they should upgrade. John Tlumacki/Getty Images

Ten games into the season is too early to go into full-scale panic. Some concern for things such as Ubaldo Jimenez's missing velocity or Tim Lincecum's missing slider is warranted, but April 17 is a premature date to start running through the streets, screaming about the arrival of end times or, even worse, signing Brett Tomko.

That being said, 10 games is enough time for some team weaknesses to make themselves more apparent.

At this point, nobody has dug a hole so deep that there's no way to get out, but here are four teams that have disappointed in the first two weeks of the season, and simple solutions for their obvious problems.

Boston Red Sox

At two games out, the Red Sox are closer to first than any other last-place team in baseball; however, the team's 5.01 ERA is extremely worrisome given the concerns about the rotation depth going into the season. The team is nearly at .500 thanks to the offense scoring the most runs in the AL so far (53), but that's going to be a lot harder to maintain while Jacoby Ellsbury is out for two months with a shoulder injury.