Who's better: St-Pierre or Silva?

Who's better between UFC champions Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva? ESPN.com Illustration - Mike Facciolo

Insider debuts this week "Who's Better?" a side-by-side breakdown of fights UFC fans most want to see. ESPN Insider T.R. Foley breaks down the fighters to determine who's better.

Gather more than two MMA fans in a room and ask them "Who's better: George St. Pierre or Anderson Silva?" and you're bound to hear dozens of explanations supporting both athlete's claim to the title -- explanations that only a fight could validate.

"It's up to GSP," said UFC president Dana White after UFC 158. "If GSP came out today and said he wanted to fight Silva, I'm not gonna be upset about it."

Last weekend, Nick Diaz postured, cursed and threatened St-Pierre before their headline fight at UFC 158, but after five rounds St-Pierre had pitched a shutout on the judges' scorecards. His impressive stand-up game and explosive takedowns seemed impossible to stop.

Silva is as feared for his knockouts as he is selective about his opponents. Regardless of the quality of his opponents, Silva is mentioned alongside the very best to ever compete in combat sports because of his seven-year win streak dating back to 2004. Since then, it's been 17 wins via 12 knockouts, three submissions and 12 total UFC fight night bonuses.

Last week, ESPN SportsNation asked fans which superfights they'd want to see, and No. 2 was St-Pierre versus Silva. So who's better? Let's answer that question by evaluating and comparing five general skill areas. The answer might surprise you.