Ten MMA fights that must happen

A fight between Anderson Silva (left) and Jon Jones would be the biggest MMA matchup of all time. US Presswire

With three dominant champions in three consecutive weight classes in the UFC, there has been a great deal of talk about superfights.

Middleweight Anderson Silva, being the guy between light heavyweight Jon Jones and welterweight Georges St-Pierre, is the main focal point. A fight between Silva and Jones or Silva and St-Pierre would likely be the biggest fight of all time. There is even talk that it could take place at Cowboys Stadium.

St-Pierre has never really seemed to have much of an interest in moving up to 185 pounds to fight Silva. For now, it appears Silva moving up to fight Jones at light heavyweight is the most common superfight to happen. In fact, it is entirely possible it takes place in late 2013 or early 2014.

That bout checks in at the top spot on our list of 10 fights we need to see happen in mixed martial arts. This list isn't all about superfights, however. There are some intriguing hypothetical matchups we don't expect to ever happen and some fights we have already seen but really must see again.

We did try to keep it somewhat realistic; while we would love to see Stefan Struve fight Demetrious Johnson, we're not going to propose that type of freak-show matchup for the sake of this list.

We also kept off contests like St-Pierre against Johny Hendricks and Silva versus Chris Weidman, fights that we are looking forward to but are set to take place. Really, any champion-versus-top contender fight is a bit too obvious for this list.

Here are 10 MMA fights that we absolutely must see:

1. Jon Jones versus Anderson Silva

At the moment, this is the superfight of all superfights. For a long time, Silva against St-Pierre was the fight everyone wanted to see. This one has passed it, however, largely because St-Pierre hasn't shown much interest in moving up weight classes. Silva has already fought at 205 pounds and has looked just fine at the higher weight. Meanwhile, Jones has been a wrecking machine. The light heavyweight champion would go into the fight as the favorite, but the anticipation would be unprecedented.