Who's better: Henderson or Aldo?

Both Ben Henderson and Jose Aldo love leg strikes, but who's better? ESPN.com Illustration

Welcome to Insider's "Who's Better?" feature, a side-by-side breakdown of fights UFC fans most want to see. ESPN Insider T.R. Foley breaks down the fighters to determine who's better.

Lightweight champion Benson Henderson and featherweight champ Jose Aldo are two of the most popular fighters in mixed martial arts.

In their most recent fights, Aldo dispatched Frankie Edgar by unanimous decision in February at UFC 156, and Henderson beat Gilbert Melendez in a split-decision victory in April during UFC on Fox 7.

Although the two fight in different weight classes, Aldo has hinted at a jump in competition. Should Aldo beat top contender Anthony Pettis at UFC 163 in August, there's a real chance these two champs could soon meet in the Octagon.

If you enjoy leg strikes, an Aldo versus Henderson fight would be your superfight of the century. Fast, strong and with a laser focus on the thighs of their opponents, Aldo and Henderson enjoy risking little to earn big points in close matches. However, both fighters have other skills they have used to dispatch opponents in the past: Aldo's speed, Henderson's wrestling and their shared athleticism make their potential matchup difficult to prognosticate.

ESPN's SportsNation recently asked fans which superfights they'd want to see, and No. 4 was Henderson versus Aldo. So who's better? Let's answer that question by evaluating and comparing five general skill areas.