10 UFC fighters who need a win

Despite past success and popularity, Thiago Silva is in danger of getting dropped from the UFC. Martin McNeil for ESPN.com

When UFC president Dana White famously said a few months back that the blood had not all been spilled yet as far as trimming the UFC roster, he wasn't kidding.

We did a piece in the wake of the UFC's historic roster cut in February, knowing full well more would be coming.

The waiting game now begins after each event to find out which of the losing fighters will no longer be employed by the organization. It's simple math at this point. The UFC has acquired more fighters than it can reasonably schedule fights for, and it needs to get down to a more manageable number.

While some of the cuts are surprising, most notably Jon Fitch, there is some sense of order to it all. If you want to stay around, you probably should win fights.

Of course, there is more leeway given to those who consistently lose in exciting fashion. It's also advisable to not make a whole lot of money if you want to keep your job through a losing streak. Not being a public relations problem can help as well.

The bottom line? Win and you stay -- for the most part. And the guys below could really use a win.

This week, we take a look at 10 fighters who might want to take note. The following is a list of guys who could very much be in danger of getting a pink slip should they lose their next fight. (We limited this list to those who have a fight currently scheduled and have at least somewhat established themselves in the UFC.)

1. Spencer Fisher | lightweight


The 37-year-old announced his retirement after dropping a decision to Sam Stout last June, but changed his mind and signed to fight Yves Edwards on the UFC on Fox 8 card in July. He probably won't have that option should he lose again. Fisher has put on some epic battles throughout his career, but another defeat would mark four in a row and drop him to 1-6 over his past seven fights. To make his case worse, Fisher also got into some trouble with the law since his last fight, pleading guilty to several misdemeanors related to a deer-poaching incident.