Best value bets for UFC 162

Anderson Silva, 38, has to contend with the surging Chris Weidman, who is 29. Buda Mendes/Getty Images

UFC 162 will carry that unique mystique that accompanies an event that could be history in the making. Anderson Silva, arguably the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world, will be defending his middleweight belt for the 10th time, this time against surging contender Chris Weidman, who seems to have many of the tools that make him a bona fide matchup problem for Silva. In addition, Frankie Edgar looks to regain his dominant form against youngster Charles Oliveira in the featherweight division.

Let's break down the odds and statistics behind the Saturday night fights to see where the value lies.

Anderson Silva (minus-230) vs. Chris Weidman (plus-180)

If you just took the odds as an indication, Weidman will pose the biggest threat in recent history to finally ending Silva's undefeated run in UFC. The reason, perhaps, is the combination of an aging champion -- Silva is 38 years old, compared to Weidman at 29 -- and a challenger who has the perfect skill set to pull off a gigantic upset in the middleweight division.