If Jon Jones moved to heavyweight

There is a pretty strong consensus in the MMA world that Jon Jones will compete in the heavyweight division at some point in his career.

The UFC light heavyweight champion is tearing through all comers in the 205-pound class, and at just 24 years old and standing 6-foot-4 with an incredible 84-inch reach, he still is growing into his body.

There is far less agreement on just how well Jones would do if and when he does make that leap.

The key, of course, would probably be just how big Jones would get in preparation for that next step in his career, if and when he decides to take it.

He has never been known to have much difficulty cutting down to 205 and typically walks around at about 225 pounds.

Alistair Overeem, who fights Brock Lesnar next week in Las Vegas, has been in the same position.

Overeem didn't move up to heavyweight full time until 2007, when he had more than 30 fights under his belt, and he has gone from a skinny 205-pounder to a sculpted 260-pound beast.

"He will do good, but he will not be as successful is if he remains a small heavyweight," Overeem said. "If he takes the time to gain weight and strength, he will be a formidable foe at heavyweight."