Betting UFC 145: Jones vs Evans

UFC 145 features a main event reminiscent of one of the greatest rivalries in the history of the sport: Chuck Liddell versus Tito Ortiz. Both consist of the same narrative: Former training partners move to separate camps, both tasting UFC gold, only to meet each other again in a fight for the light heavyweight title. Cue the arguments over who got the best of who in sparring practice and declarations of having never really liked one another to begin with.

While Jones and Evans might be peers in their abilities to badmouth one another, the public couldn't disagree more about their abilities in the ring, seeing Jones as a whopping minus-500 favorite for this fight. We're here to tell you whether minus-500 is too much to lay on the champ and to let the stats shed some light on other discrepancies in the betting lines for UFC 145's matchups:

Miguel Torres (minus-120) vs. Michael McDonald (EVEN)

Since the debut of the bantamweight division in 2011, the UFC has been trying hard to feature big names that had success in the WEC's lower weight classes. One of those big names is former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres, who hasn't exactly displayed the spectacular stoppages in the UFC for which he was known in the WEC. Fans are still getting to know the crop of bantamweight fighters and names will always draw the action, making Torres the minus-120 favorite in this fight. However, the lesser-known Michael McDonald is quietly a steal at this price.