UFC champ Jon Jones unmotivated by light heavyweight contenders; Francis Ngannou on horizon?

Reyes: Jones 'clearly doesn't want to fight me' (1:49)

Dominick Reyes describes Jon Jones throwing jabs on Twitter and claims that "Bones" is using his management to avoid a potential fight. (1:49)

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones said he was in his feelings in the early hours of Wednesday morning during a series of social media posts, and those feelings included musings about his future, including a fight he sees as "inevitable."

"Where did all the big names in the light heavyweight division go?" Jones asked.

Jones sounded unmotivated to fight any of the current light heavyweight contenders, echoing what ESPN's Ariel Helwani had reported about a feeling in Jones' camp that he would be diluting his brand by fighting lesser-known opponents. There was speculation that if former middleweight champ Chris Weidman won Friday night in Boston, he might have provided some juice for Jones' next fight. But Dominick Reyes ended that discussion with a first-round knockout.

Does that make the undefeated Reyes (12-0) the logical contender for Jones' belt? The champ doesn't sound enthused.

Jones tweeted that he had a chip on his shoulder when he fought Alexander Gustafsson, who he beat twice, and then he listed the last two guys he beat -- Anthony Smith and Thiago Santos. He then mentioned Reyes. "I'm having a hard time even talking s--- to this last dude," he wrote. "They say all the same lame s--- ... I want a fight to be excited about."

Jones added: "Really not sure when I'll be fighting next, feel like I have nothing to gain by beating Dominic. I've actually felt that way about my last two opponents. I want a super fight."

Reyes, who has been calling out Jones since Friday's win, responded with: "This guy over here with no motivation to be the best." Reyes also wrote "defend or vacate," and he let Jones know what happened to the other contenders.

Someone asked Jones if he could see himself fighting ESPN No. 3-ranked heavyweight Francis Ngannou. "I feel like that fight is inevitable," Jones said.

Jones also mentioned the possibility of taking some time off. "Sometimes I think about sitting out and just training for the next two years, then coming back and challenge in the light heavyweight who's been the most dominant.. wouldn't that be wild."

Coincidentally, 2021 is the year middleweight champ and budding superstar Israel Adesanya said he could see himself fighting Jones. He even named the venue, Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. And Jones hasn't had any problem talking smack in a social media feud with Adesanya.