These 10 rooks are head of the class at All-Star break

When it comes to this year's rookie class, the compliments haven't exactly been piling up. Many have compared it to the depressing class of 2000, when Mike Miller won the Rookie of the Year award because, well, they had to give it to somebody.

Hollinger's Super Sophs

Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Andrew Bogut. The soph class is loaded. Check out John Hollinger's top 10 second-year players. Super Sophs

Nonetheless, some of the kids have shown a bit more pep in the past few weeks, and as we head into the rookie-sophomore game it's probably time to take another look at the rookie class. This time we'll take a top-down approach, checking out the best 10 from the class (a couple of whom weren't selected for tonight's rookies versus sophomores shindig) and seeing which have performed the best thus far.

As always, a few notes on the judging criteria. We're evaluating performance to date here, not future results, so nobody will be getting bonus points for potential. However, I will weigh recent performance more heavily than the first month, as I think it's reasonable to consider it a portent of the rest of that player's season.