Sophomore slump? Not for these second-year studs

Last season's Rookie of the Year chase was pretty much over after the first week of play. That's how far Chris Paul was ahead of the pack.

Hollinger's Rookie Review

The rookie class hasn't been spectacular, but there are a few standouts. Check out John Hollinger's top newbies. Top 10

But this season, the top sophomores have pulled into a much tighter bunch. Surprisingly, not one of them made the All-Star team, but several have had breakout sophomore campaigns to establish themselves among the game's rising stars.

As I've done with the rookies, I'm going to rate the top 10 members of the sophomore class on this season's play. The same rules apply as with the rookies -- recent play counts more, and we're not worrying about long-term potential.

So let's see if anyone's caught Paul: