An overcrowded draft pool

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Blame it on the looming age limit. Shady agents. Unrealistic expectations. Or, the lowering of the bar on what it takes to be a first-round NBA pick these days.

Whatever the reason, it looks like an unprecedented number of college underclassmen, high school seniors and international players will be putting their names in the 2005 NBA draft.

With just a little over two weeks left to declare for the draft, things are getting awfully crowded.

While NBA teams love drafts filled with talent, the influx of talented underclassmen will create some serious pressures on teams and the NBA over the next few weeks.

With so many underclassmen of uncertain stock in the draft , the committee that puts together the Chicago pre-draft camp is going to face some tough choices. With just 60 spots available, it looks like a number of college seniors who decided to skip the Portsmouth draft camp could be left without an invite.

It also puts more pressure on the players. Many of them want into the draft because of the impending age limit, financial pressures or just because they have a "dream," but there just won't be enough room for all of them in the first round.

Insider breaks down who's in, who might still be coming and who might eventually have to pull out of the 2005 draft. Right now, it looks like as many as 80 underclassmen could be in this year's draft. There are just 30 first-round spots and 60 spots overall.

All of those marginal college, high school and international players who want to test the waters might want to rethink things.