Contract length a deal breaker?

Trying to pin down the exact positions of either side in the midst of collective bargaining isn't easy or precise.

Insider has talked to numerous sources on both sides of the negotiation to try to paint the most accurate picture possible of where things stand.

While the negotiations and compromises talked about are really a moving target, here's where we believe they are now:

Age limit

Currently, players are eligible to declare for the NBA draft after their high school senior class graduation if they are from the United States. If they are international players, they must be 18 years old by the night of the draft.

For several years, commissioner David Stern has been vocal in support of an age minimum of 20 for players to be eligible for the draft. Union director Billy Hunter has been just as vocal opposing the limit.

In February, it appeared that the players had warmed to the age-limit idea to the point that several sources believed an age limit would become part of the new collective bargaining agreement. Since then, however, several prominent players have come out and publicly opposed it. Player agents also have been adamant that the union not accept Stern's proposal.