Brown's dream job gives him Knicks' nightmare roster

It's always nice when wishes come true. Right?

Larry Brown wanted Rick Carlisle's job and an NBA title and got both in Detroit.

Earlier this year, Brown wanted a golden parachute from Detroit and got a sweet one with the Cavs.

This month, Brown wanted the Pistons to pay him $6 million dollars to go away. Got that too.

Brown has said coaching the New York Knicks is his "dream job." Now Knicks president Isiah Thomas is about to make Brown's dream come true.

Larry should be the poster boy for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

But, Larry, be careful what you wish for.

The Knicks gig might be Larry's "dream job" in theory, but dig a little deeper and it could be his nightmare.

Brown "loves" New York. Thinks Isiah Thomas is "neat." Believes that Madison Square Garden is a "special" place.

The 15-man, $120-million dollar roster that Isiah has built? Not so much.

Brown might be the best coach in the NBA, but even he knows he doesn't have much of a chance to compete with the Pistons, Pacers, Heat and Nets next season.

Even if the Knicks could compete, his "trade"-mark, so to speak, beyond his coaching ability and his wandering eyes, is his constant desire to fiddle with his roster. Simply put, Brown likes to make trades.

Lots of them.

No one is safe in New York.