Bucks now loaded at center

I'm not sure the Hornets totally get the concept of rebuilding. The idea is to trade your old players, not your young ones. Yet they now have dealt both Jamaal Magloire and Baron Davis while steadfastly clinging to P.J. Brown and George Lynch. Go figure. At least Mason will help, because the Hornets were desperate at small forward -- Bostjan Nachbar and Rasual Butler would have trouble starting for Yakima, but one of the two was going to start for Charlotte/New Orleans/Baton Rouge/Oklahoma City/Las Vegas. They also have a capable replacement at center for Magloire – make some room for me on the Chris Andersen fantasy bandwagon.

From the Bucks' side, the small-market club now has nearly $80 million in contracts committed to three centers -- who do they think they are, the Knicks? This deal would seem to portend the trade of Dan Gadzuric and his shiny new $36 million deal somewhere down the road -- perhaps at the next exit. However, Gadzuric still may be able to earn minutes behind Magloire if the Bucks play Andrew Bogut at power forward, as now seems likely.