Time is now for Jaric, Dooling

Editor's note: Here's a glimpse of the good -- and the bad -- that could happen to the 2003-04 Los Angeles Clippers.

Best Case Scenario
Three things need to happen for the Clippers to make an unexpected run at the No. 8 spot in the mighty West.

1. Marko Jaric or Keyon Dooling has to become a frontline point guard. So far, new Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy has resisted the urge to push for the signing of a veteran point guard to give Jaric and Dooling a clear swing at replacing the departed (and disappointing) Andre Miller. Because the newly signed Glen Rice is the Clippers' only perimeter shooting threat -- before Rice signed you could make the case that Dunleavy himself could still outshoot anyone on his team -- the Clips really need a point guard who can get the ball in the right spots and create scoring opportunities off the dribble. "It has to happen basically," Dunleavy said. "If not, then it's a pretty big issue." For the record, it hasn't happened yet.