Rafael Araujo
Center (Rank: #21) | 6-11, 280 | Age: 36
Draft Board: Round 1 | Round 2
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Rafael Araujo
Rafael Araujo
Notes: A native of San Paulo, Brazil who's played the past two years for BYU. Arrived from Brazil to play basketball at Arizona Western three years ago. He spoke no English at the time. His teamates call him Hoffa.

Upside: Araujo has been one of the most dominant college centers on the offensive end in the country this year. Physically he's huge and very, very strong. He uses his strength to bulldoze opponents in the paint. He's an aggressive rebounder, sometimes a little too aggressive. His solid frame allows him to hold his position in the post. He runs pretty well for a big man. A pretty good free-throw shooter. Plays with a passion that we rarely see in big men.

Downside: He's just an average athlete. His lateral quickness, leaping ability and overall agility leave something to be desired. His aggressiveness often gets him into early foul trouble. He's not a great shot blocker for his size. Was destroyed by Okafor in the tournament last year, leading some to question how well he'd fare in the league.

Insider Projection: Some considered him a late first-round sleeper last season, and he's improved in all facets of the game this year. A recent fight in the Mountain West tournament in front of a host of scouts actually helped his cause. Teams are desperate for big men with a little fire in their belly. His workouts have gone well everywhere he's went. He could go anywhere from 12 to 19 in the draft.



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