Sergei Monia
Shooting Guard (Rank: #12) | 6-8, 220
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Sergei Monya
Sergei Monya is NBA ready, but he might be stuck in Russia.
Notes: The biggest issue with Monya will be his NBA buyout. He doesn't have one and CSKA appears to be reluctant to let both Monya and another NBA prospect, Viktor Khryapa, go in the same year. His agent, Marc Fleisher says that the issue is taken care of and Monya will be allowed to come to the U.S. this season. Monya has extensive experience playing for a top Euroleague team and playing for the Russian national team.

Upside: Monya may be the most NBA ready of any of the top international prospects this year. He already has an NBA body and strength, which is a big, big plus. He also plays with an aggressiveness both offensively and defensively that scouts really love. He's got a very solid mid-range jumper and his 3-point shot has also improved. The fact that he has extensive playing experience the past two seasons for a Euroleague team really helps his cause. His ability to play the two and three are also big pluses. The scouts who know him the best absolutely love him.

Downside: Some scouts still question his ball handling, but admit that CSKA doesn't really ask him to put the ball on the floor much. Monya spends a lot of time on the perimeter. Scouts aren't sure whether he'll be able to add penetration to his game. He has the athleticism to do it, but they haven't seen it so far.

Insider Projection: Monya may have more buzz than any international player in the draft. He's a likely late-lottery-to-mid-first-round pick. Both Utah and Boston love him. It's hard to see him slipping past pick No. 16.



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