Dwight Howard
Power Forward (Rank: #1) | 6-10, 240
High School
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Dwight Howard
Notes: He has dominated at the Adidas ABDC camp and won top honors at the Player's Association Top 100 Camp in Richmond, Va., last summer. His AAU team, the Atlanta Celtics, is the most talented in years, with three legit NBA prospects. His AAU teammates include draft prospects Josh Smith and Randolph Morris. "You're not going to find a better person that's in the same position he's in," SACA coach Courtney Brooks says. "He's very humble. He's a kid. He has a little boy smile about him and a peace that's God sent." Had 16 points and 12 rebounds at the EA Roundball Classic. Won co-MVP honors of the McDonald's All-American game. Won MVP honors at the Jordan Capital Classic with 18 points and 15 rebounds. Has declared for the draft and hired LeBron James' agent, Aaron Goodwin.

Upside: At his size, he can do just a little bit of everything. He dominates in the paint but also has the ability to step out and hit shots on the perimeter. His ball handling is very good. He's murder on the fast break. He's quick off the dribble and off the floor. He's not afraid to crash the glass and is an excellent shot blocker. He hustles, has a nose for the ball and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. He's mature, a hard worker, has a great attitude and has improved dramatically over the course of his three years playing high school ball.

Downside: Not much. The biggest complaint from scouts is a perceived lack of passion. "You hate to claim that a guy might be too nice for the NBA, but that's about the most that I can come up with," one scout told Insider. 'I'm not sure he really has the edge that the great ones like Garnett and [Amare] Stoudemire had." Every other scouting report is pretty similar. Comments like "he needs time to develop" or "he needs to be a little nastier" are about the only negative things you hear. When Insider saw him in a workout in mid June a few more things stood out. He wasn't in great shape. His shot was all over the place and he seemed to struggle to pick up some basic low post moves.

Insider Projection: Is he the next Kevin Garnett as he claims? Or is he the second coming of Kwame Brown, as another scout warns in hushed tones? Along with Okafor, he's a consensus top two pick in the draft. The Magic might take a chance on him at No. 1. More likely the Clippers will trade the pick to a team desperate for a power forward.



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