Andre Roberson
Small Forward (Rank: #39) | 6-7, 206 | Age: 25
Colorado (Denver, CO)
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Draft Projection: No. 41: Memphis Grizzlies

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Summary: Apr 28 Update: Roberson is a rebounding machine and that alone may get him drafted in the first round. Unfortunately, his offense still hasn't caught up with his defense right now. A potential first round to early second round pick.

Mar 20 Update: Roberson has long been a poster child for the advanced stat guys, but his inability to generate any offense this season has hurt his case somewhat. He's a great rebounder, but is he anything more than that?

Nov 30 Update: Last season, Roberson was a favorite of stat-heads everywhere. He was a beast on the boards and all he needed was some semblance of an offensive game. While he's proven he can still rebound the basketball, his offensive game has actually regressed a bit this season. Can a team justify taking him in the first round based on rebounding alone?

Oct 22 Update: Roberson, at 6-foot-7, is one of the best rebounders in college basketball. His elite athletic abilities, combined with a terrific motor and wiry strength, allow him to outquick opponents on the boards.

The big question for Roberson is position. NBA scouts want to see him make the transition to the 3 given his lack of ideal size, length or girth for an NBA power forward. While he showed some promise as a perimeter scorer last season, he still has a long ways to go before he can convince NBA teams that he's a legit 3 man. If he does show more offensive game this year, he'll move up 10 to 15 spots on our board.

But then again, maybe he won't have to. Kawhi Leonard had similar numbers and concerns coming out of college and was drafted just outside the lottery.

Apr 8 Update: Roberson is one of the best rebounders and defenders in college basketball. He reminds some scouts of Kawhi Leonard. If he can go back to school and continue to improve his offensive game, he's got a shot at being a mid to late first round pick in 2013.

Mar 6 Update: Roberson is one of the most underrated prospects in draft talks because no one is running to scout Colorado games (or Pac-12 games for that matter). But Roberson has quietly averaged a double-double for the season. He's an explosive leaper, a tough versatile defender and has a motor that doesn't stop.

His offensive game is still a work in progress, but he reminds many scouts of a poor man's Kawhi Leonard. Roberson, according to sources, would like to make the leap to the NBA next year if he can. He's going to need a strong tournament to get there. But given the bizarre state of the Pac-12, anything is possible.

April 15 Update: Roberson was one of the best rebounders per minute in college basketball as a freshman. Now that Alec Burks is gone, much of the scoring load will also fall on his shoulders. If he can pick up the slack there as well, he's a very intriguing prospect.



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