Archie Goodwin
Shooting Guard (Rank: #37) | 6-5, 189 | Age: 22
Kentucky (Little Rock, Arkansas)
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Draft Projection: No. 37: Detroit Pistons

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Summary: May 15 Update: Everyone still wants to love Goodwin, but every time they go to the tape it's brutal. Goodwin is going to show well athletically, but what he really has to prove is that he's in the process of fixing a very broken jump shot.

May 8 Update (Projected No. 30 pick, Phoenix Suns via Miami Heat): This is a pure talent grab by the Suns. Goodwin has elite speed and quickness. But his wild shot selection and poor outside shooting contributed to Kentucky's woes this season. The Suns, however, can afford to be patient with him and wait to see if he develops.

May 2 Update: Goodwin remains an enigma to most scouts. They love his speed and athletic ability but are still trying to figure out how his game will translate to the NBA given his slight build, lack of height and poor shooting. But Goodwin has so much upside that it seems someone will take him in the first round.

Apr 1 Update: Goodwin announced on Monday that he will declare for the 2013 NBA Draft. Goodwin came into the season ranked as a potential lottery pick. He has great speed and is fearless taking it to the rack. Early in the season, Kentucky head coach John Calipari compared him a young Russell Westbrook. However, Goodwin's faults began to eclipse his strengths as the season wore on. His shot selection could be atrocious, his jump shot was flat and he struggled with toughness on both sides of the ball. He's now projected as a mid to late first-round pick. The upside is there, but teams will have to be patient with him.

Mar 26 Update: Goodwin actually stepped up (offensively at least) the last few games for Kentucky and put together some of his best performances of the season. Unfortunately, he still couldn't get his jump shot to fall and didn't hit a 3-pointer in his last three games. He's still a bit wild and turnover-prone, but the athletic ability and scoring knack are there. While he too is indicating he'll return for his sophomore season, there is very little chance of him starting with the Harrison twins arriving. Of the three Kentucky freshmen trying to figure things out, he might be the one most likely to leave. He's not close to being ready for the NBA, but he wouldn't be the first young guard drafted purely on potential.

Mar 13 Update: Goodwin is one of the most difficult players in the draft to peg at the moment. The athletic ability, the speed and a penchant for finishing at the basket are all there. His shooting woes have abated a bit the past few weeks, as well. But the poor decision-making, slight frame and inconsistency all point to his needing at least another year under John Calipari at Kentucky. Barring a Cinderella run in the NCAA tournament, will he return to school for his sophomore year?

Feb 27 Update: Goodwin broke out of a horrific shooting slump last week against both Vanderbilt and Missouri on Saturday. In fact, he hit his first 3-pointer (two of them, actually) since a game against Texas A&M on Jan. 12. Given that Goodwin is a shooting guard, that's not a good thing. He clearly has the athletic ability to be a dominant pro, but he's still wild and plays out of control (see his seven turnovers against Missouri). Someone will take him based on his raw talent, but he really needs another season at Kentucky.

Jan 30 Update: Goodwin can be an amazing finisher at the basket, but when he gets to the line, he falls apart. Over the past six games, Goodwin is just 32-for-50, or 64 percent. Combine that with a horrific 1-for-17 from 3-point range in his past seven games, and he's not doing a very good job of persuading NBA scouts that he can shoot the ball.

Dec 17 Update: Goodwin is an electric scorer and acrobatic finisher at the basket. Like a lot of players on this list, his lack of a clearly defined position has created doubts about his NBA game. And so has his erratic shot selection. But if he settles down and plays to his strengths, there is some Russell Westbrook in him.

Nov 15 Update: Calipari has been comparing Goodwin to a young Russell Westbrook. He has a ton of athletic ability, and no one in college basketball can stay in front of him. But he also seems to have inherited Westbrook's penchant for making bad basketball decisions when he's pressured. Some of the shots Goodwin has taken have been inspired dropped jaws, head shaking or both. Still, Goodwin has elite NBA athlete written all over him. If Calipari can rein him in? Again, top-10 pick.

Oct 11 Update: Goodwin might be the best pure scorer on this new Kentucky team. He's a strong, athletic wing who thrives on slashing to the basket. He's a terrific finisher at the rim and is a beast in transition. It's not a stretch to think that Goodwin could end up leading the Wildcats in scoring this season.

Goodwin will be several spots higher on the board if he can show scouts that he's got a consistent shot from beyond the 3-point line. He also will have to show that he's willing to play on the defensive end as well. He's young and has plenty of room for growth, and if Calapari can get him locked in, Kentucky could actually have more lottery picks this season than they did last season.

June 27 Update: He is a combination guard with NBA size who should have the ball in his hands quite a bit at Kentucky. Goodwin is terrific in the transition game because he can rebound down, take a bust-out dribble and go all the way to score or deliver an assist. Plus, he is one of the better dribble-drive players in the 2012 class because he can make plays for himself or teammates. However, he needs to polish up his long-range jumper and show he can make open 3s and shoot behind a ball screen.

On the defensive side, he can be very good keeping his man out of the lane while closing out on shooters and contesting shots. - by Paul Biancardi



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