Dennis Schroeder
Point Guard (Rank: #15) | 6-2, 165 | Age: 23
Germany (Braunschweig, Germany)
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Draft Projection: No. 22: Brooklyn Nets

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Summary: June 26 Update: Schroeder is another player who rode a strong performance at the Nike Hoop Summit. Compared at times to a poor man's Rajon Rondo, his length, explosiveness, quickness and anticipation are off the chart. Like Rondo, he has some personality issues that bother some teams, but the raw tools are there.

Quick fact: Schroeder averaged 1.35 points per play on spot-ups, which ranked in the 98th percentile among all European players (min. 50 plays).

June 25 Update: The Celtics are in the process of blowing up the team, which makes it even harder to project what they are doing. Four names to keep an eye on here: Steven Adams, Schroeder, Shane Larkin or Kelly Olynyk. If the Celtics can convince Schroeder to stay overseas one more year (thus getting him off their cap and letting him develop), he's probably the guy.

June 24 Update: Schroeder barely trails Saric as the highest-ranked international player on our Secret NBA Draft Big Board. His ranking is another small surprise here. He's just slightly behind Burke and Carter-Williams among point guards and also received a 9 rating from one team. While his workouts have been so-so, his play in the Nike Hoop Summit has clearly moved him into the lottery discussion. Schroeder's range on draft night is 13 to 23.

June 18 Update: The Jazz do need a point guard, and after a series of shaky workouts, I think there's a good chance Schroeder will be here when they draft at No. 21. The bigger question -- is Schroeder the point guard the Jazz would draft? The team also likes Murray State's Isaiah Canaan -- a lot. Do the Jazz go for upside or a proven guard with a little lower ceiling? Obviously, if the Jazz pass on Nogueira earlier, he'd be in play here.

June 10 Update: Schroeder is back in Germany after working out for the Mavs, Bucks, Celtics, Jazz and Rockets. Like Larkin, Schroeder's range now appears in the 14-16 window, with the Jazz, Bucks and Celtics all eyeing the point guard. However, sources say the workouts haven't gone particularly well for Schroeder, and he's struggled against the more physical defense at the workouts. "He looked frustrated," one NBA scout said of Schroeder's workout with his team. "His body language wasn't great. He's a very good talent and I wouldn't read too much into the workout, but it didn't really help him."

May 28 Update: Schroeder didn't participate in drills because of a reported toothache. Although sources say he has a promise by a team to take him in the first round, it's unclear exactly where that is. He could go as high as the Mavs at No. 13, and I doubt he'll get past the Jazz at 21.

May 15 Update: Schroeder had his moment in the spotlight at the Nike Hoop Summit against the best young players in America. Now he has a chance to show that talent against the draft's elite prospects. Athletically, he belongs. It will be the skill drills and interviews that set him apart.

May 8 Update (Projected No. 23 pick, Indiana Pacers): Indiana is thrilled with George Hill's production but still hasn't found the right fit at backup point guard. Schroeder could be a steal for the Pacers here. He's super quick, has a 6-foot-7 wingspan and sees the floor really well. He wowed teams at the Nike Hoop Summit, and if he doesn't fall to the Pacers, I could see him going as high as No. 16 to the Celtics.

May 2 Update: Schroeder generated significant buzz during the Nike Hoop Summit, both in practices and in the game itself. He has blazing speed and quickness, and an impressive 6-foot-7 wingspan on top of it. He proved all week against top competition that he has the speed and floor vision to play in the NBA. His stock is still in a bit of flux right now, but it appears that he's in the mix to be the next point guard off the board outside the lottery, along with Larkin and Pierre Jackson.

Apr 29 Update: Schroeder might have been the big winner of the Nike Hoop Summit week in Portland. He wowed NBA teams all week with his quickness and his scoring ability in the paint during practice, but scouts wondered if he could do it against elite high school prospects like Andrew Harrison. Schroeder delivered. He was fantastic controlling the tempo for the World Team, got to the line whenever he needed and ended up with 18 points and six assists. His play not only elevated him into first-round discussions, he's now heavily in the mix with Shane Larkin, Pierre Jackson, Myck Kabongo and Phil Pressey for the first point guard off the board after Trey Burke and Michael Carter-Williams.

April 20 Update: Schroeder has been the star of the World Team in practices this week in Portland. Blessed with elite quickness, speed and a huge Rajon Rondo-esque 6-foot-7 wingspan, he been able to penetrate at will and has shown great improvement in his court vision. He made a number of terrific passes and showed he could stop on a dime, elevate and hit jumpers.

"He's never really played with athletes," one NBA scout said. "You see him figuring it out and throwing lobs and finding guys. He didn't do that in Germany. I'm really impressed with how he looks when surrounded with talent."

If he can duplicate what we've seen in practices against Andrew Harrison, Team USA's lead guard and a projected top-5 pick in the 2014 NBA draft, Schroeder will catapult into the first round this year.

Aug 15 Update Schroeder intrigued scouts this summer after playing solid backup minutes for the German U20 National Team. He has elite quickness and speed for his position and has improved his jump shot and decision making. Definitely a player to keep an eye on.



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