Josh Hart
Shooting Guard (Rank: #30) | 6-5, 210
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Summary: March 20 update: Hart's stat line wasn't bad in Nova's surprise loss to Wisconsin. He had 19 points on 5-for-9 shooting and got to the line 10 times. But his five turnovers and inability to get some key scores down the stretch highlighted the concerns NBA scouts have about his transition to the NBA.

He lacks the size and explosive athletic ability to finish over bigger opponents. That was the take from scouts when he played at the combine last year as well. He has been able to use strength to impose his will in college. Scouts aren't sure he'll be able to do the same in the NBA.

March 14 update: Hart is the first senior on the list, which speaks to the strength of the freshman class. While there's nothing Hart does that particularly wows you, he's one of the most consistent and complete players in college basketball.

He's a solid athlete with great length who can hurt you anywhere on the floor. He also draws the winner label from NBA scouts.

Dec. 22 update: Hart is the only senior on our Big Board, but he deserves it after carrying Villanova to a No. 1 ranking in the nation.

He's averaging 20 PPG for the Wildcats and shooting an impressive 43 percent from 3. There's very little that is sexy about his game, but some teams see a Danny Green-type role for him in the NBA.

May 24 Update: Josh Hart will withdraw from the 2016 NBA Draft and return to Villanova for his senior season

Apr 27 Update: Hart's stellar play in the NCAA tournament convinced a lot of scouts that he can be a Danny Green type of player at the NBA level. He's tough and physical, he rebounds like a power forward and he can score from anywhere.

Apr 19 Update: Hart's terrific play in the NCAA tournament finally got him the recognition he long deserved. He is strong and a terrific rebounder for his size. He can defend multiple positions and has a solid 3-point shot. He would really excel in San Antonio.

Apr 5 Update: Hart was pivotal in leading Villanova to a national championship. His strong play against Oklahoma in the Final Four especially stood out on both ends of the floor. He's a tough physical wing who can guard multiple positions, can shoot the three and he's an elite rebounder for a guard. It's likely he'll return to Villanova for his senior season. But if he declared for the draft, he's got a very good shot at the first round.



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