Jarrett Allen
Center (Rank: #20) | 6-10, 233
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Draft Projection: Mid-First Round Pick

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Summary: May 23 update: Allen's elite wingspan (7-foot-5) and his solid athletic testing numbers helped him at the combine.

However, after interviews some NBA scouts wondered just how long it was going to take him to be an impact player in the NBA. That has caused his stock to drop slightly.

May 8 update: Allen is another prospect who might go in the lottery based on raw potential alone. He has the size, athleticism and defensive skill set teams are looking for.

He'll be participating at the combine but will likely do only interviews, athletic testing and medicals.

April 12 update: Allen is a raw prospect, but his combination of length, athleticism and impact on the defensive end of the floor makes him appealing.

His offense is still coming along but showed promise as well. He'll compete with Collins and Patton to be the first big man off the board.

April 11 update: Allen has declared for the 2017 NBA Draft. Allen has stayed pretty firmly in the late-lottery to mid-first-round range since the beginning of the season. His length, athleticism and rebounding were all major pluses during his freshman year in Austin. However, he must add strength and continue to improve his perimeter game. He should go somewhere in the Nos. 13-20 range.

April 4 update: The Bulls have been a mess. There are strong rumblings there could be big changes to the front office and the roster. So trying to discern who would land here in the draft is a challenge.

Allen is a project, but an intriguing one. His defense is ahead of his offense right now, but he made major offensive strides at the end of the season.

He seems to be coming on at the right time and could be a nice backup to Robin Lopez for the next year or two while he adds strength and experience.

March 22 update: Allen has declared for the 2017 NBA Draft, but won't hire an agent. Allen has elite length (7-foot-6 wingspan) combined with fluid athleticism and a knack for rebounding. He needs to get stronger so that he can handle the physicality of the league, but a number of huge games at the end of the season combined with some promise as a jump shooter give him intriguing upside as a prospect. He looks like a late-lottery to mid-first-round prospect if he stays in the draft.

March 6 update: Allen's rangy athleticism, his massive 7-foot-6 wingspan and some huge games lately against Kansas and Baylor have impressed scouts. He's shooting nearly 50 percent on his 2-point jumpers this season, which is an underrated part of his game.

However, that statistic also holds part of the dilemma for scouts -- 58 percent of the shots Allen is taking this season are jumpers. He still tends to shy away from contact around the basket. Adding strength will help with some of that, but there are serious questions about his toughness.

Feb. 1 update: Allen is quietly putting together a strong season for Texas. He had the best game of his career versus Kansas a couple weeks ago, scoring 22 points, grabbing 19 rebounds and blocking 3 shots.

He can be inconsistent and turnover prone and he needs to work on his body, but scouts love his long-term potential. In a draft without a lot of great center prospects, he should crack the top 20.

Dec. 22 update: Allen is another big man who has been decent early but hasn't wowed anyone. His defense remains his calling card, though both his rebounding and shot-blocking numbers are a little underwhelming.

In a draft without a lot of elite centers, his size and activity in the paint should keep him in the top 20.

Nov 12 Update: Allen has the physical tools NBA teams look for in a big man. He has a 7-foot-5.5 wingspan and huge hands and runs the floor like a wing.

He also possesses significant defensive upside. He is a very good rebounder and solid shot-blocker, and he plays hard on defense.

His offensive game is still a work in progress. So is his decision-making on both ends of the floor, and he's going to have to gain significant strength to compete in the paint in the NBA.

But the building blocks are there for teams to have interest.

"I liked him in the Nike Hoop Summit," one GM said. "We're obviously looking for skilled bigs in an age where guys can play both inside and outside. I don't think Allen's that. At least not yet.

"But he gives you the physical profile and energy you want offensively, and I think in time he can develop some of that other stuff. He's a bit of a project but an intriguing one."

Aug 23 Update: Allen needs to get stronger and tougher, but he is a good defender, moves well and impressed at the Nike Hoop Summit.

Aug 4 Update: Allen impressed NBA scouts at the Nike Hoop Summit and again at the FIBA Americas Under-18 Championship, where he averaged 10.6 points and nine rebounds in 24 minutes per game. He needs to get stronger and be willing to play more physically, but his elite length and mobility combined with good defensive instincts should all translate to the next level.

If he has a big freshman season at Texas, he could end up being the first center off the board.

Apr 10 Update: Allen had a strong week at the Hoop Summit and currently projects as the top center on the Board for 2017. I'm not sure that's saying much. While the 2017 class is strong, center is it's weakest position. He needs to get stronger and refine his offensive game, but all the tools (size, versatility, athleticism, shooting) are there for him to emerge with time. He doesn't feel like a one-and-done type prospect, but in this era, you never know.



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