D.J. Wilson
Power Forward (Rank: #28) | 6-11, 234
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Draft Projection: Late First Round Pick

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Summary: May 23 update: Wilson had a quad injury that kept him off the court at the combine, but teams continue to be intrigued by his combination of size, athleticism and shooting.

He's still on the fence about the draft. He could be a potential mid-first-round pick in 2018.

May 8 update: Wilson is also testing the draft waters and is slated to participate in every part of the draft combine, including 5-on-5 play.

The early indications from workouts have been positive for Wilson. Don't be surprised if he stays in the draft, especially if he has a strong combine.

April 12 update: Wilson is testing the waters after a strong junior season. A terrific run in the NCAA tournament showed off his strengths, including shooting and protecting the rim. That he doesn't turn 21 until December helps as well.

His lack of toughness and his inconsistency during the season seem to be his biggest obstacles to cracking the first round.

April 10 update: Wilson has all the tools NBA teams look for in a modern NBA 4. He's long, bouncy and an above-average rim protector. He can also shoot the 3. His lack of toughness and so-so rebounding numbers are the major issues holding his draft stock down at the moment. He should be drafted somewhere between No. 20 and No. 35.

March 27 update: Wilson shot the ball well for Michigan, going 4-for-8 from beyond the arc against Oregon. He added six boards, two steals and two blocks and really showed off his athletic versatility.

But scouts continue to question his toughness and his readiness for the NBA. Most think he needs another year of school. But if he declares, he's got a good shot of landing in the late first round to early second round.

March 23 update: Wilson's strong play in the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments has boosted him into first-round consideration. He's long, athletic, shoots the 3 and blocks shots. Teams worry about toughness with Wilson so it will be interesting to see him go head-to-head with one of the tougher players in the NCAA -- Dillon Brooks -- on Thursday.

March 20 update: Wilson showed off all the strengths of his game against both Oklahoma State and Louisville. He's a terrific and versatile athlete who can stretch the floor, finish at the rim and block shots. He can even handle the ball and bring it up the floor.

However, his lack of toughness continues to bother some scouts who want to see him initiate and handle contact better. He grabbed only two boards against Louisville and at times seemed bothered by the physicality. Still, athletic 6-foot-10 guys who can shoot 3s and protect the rim don't come along every day and Wilson has made a strong case to be a first-round pick after hovering in the 30s in our Top 100 all season.

March 14 update: Wilson is an athletic forward who can both stretch the floor and protect the rim. He has a rare combination of explosiveness and skill. His inconsistency and soft play (despite his size he doesn't really like contact in the paint) concern NBA scouts.

He's on the first-round bubble, but a big NCAA tournament could change things for him. He was outstanding in the Big 10 tourney for Michigan with 26 points, eight boards and three blocks against Purdue and 17 points, six boards, three assists and two steals against Wisconsin to lead Michigan to the title.



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