Updated: April 22, 2014, 09:27 PM EST

2014 NBA Mock Draft 4.0

There's no debating the top three, but who will Milwaukee take No. 1?


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The NBA regular season is over. The college basketball season is done.

That means it's time to roll out Mock Draft 4.0.

However, this mock draft is far from set in stone. We still must take into consideration results that will come from the NBA draft combine in mid-May. That's followed shortly by the NBA draft lottery, which will determine the final draft order. Also individual and group workouts, as well as interviews, psychological evaluations and medical reports can all still shake up this mock a lot.

Still, our top eight really has held steady all year. The exact order isn't set yet, but it looks like, barring some last-minute revelation, they'll all be locks for a top-10 pick.

Remember our mock draft is not a ranking of who we think the top players are. Instead, it's a reporting tool to convey our latest intel from NBA scouts and GMs on what each team might do in the draft.

The order was based on our NBA Lottery Mock Draft tool.

Andrew Wiggins
Milwaukee Bucks (42 - 40)
HT: 6-8
WT: 200

Odds of winning lottery: 25 percent

Analysis: Now that the Bucks are for sale, everything about their future is a little up in the air. It's unclear whether the new owners will keep John Hammond and David Morway on. They have two years left on their contract and were actually fighting their owner Herb Kohl the past few years. They wanted to rebuild, but Kohl didn't. Injuries forced the issue this year; it would be ironic if they lost their jobs after delivering the Bucks their first real chance at landing a superstar. Either way, I don't think there's a clear-cut favorite right now. They were leaning toward Joel Embiid before his back injury and could still end up going that way if Embiid comes out with a clean bill of health at the combine. Jabari Parker is the choice if they want someone who can help them win now. But I think the spot is still Wiggins' to lose. He's not the most NBA-ready, and he doesn't have the size or appeal of Embiid. But he has the highest upside of any of the Bucks and could be a monster on the floor next to Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Jabari Parker
Philadelphia 76ers (28 - 54)
HT: 6-8
WT: 241

Odds of winning lottery: 19.9 percent

Analysis: Ownership deemed this season a success after finishing with the second-worst record in the league. That should be all you need to know about whether they were really tanking. If they end up with the No. 2 overall pick, forgive them for being a little bummed if Wiggins is off the board. However, Parker would be a nice consolation prize. He'd give the Sixers a guy who could score 20 points a night right out of the gate. And the Sixers have the length and athleticism to protect Parker on defense with Michael Carter-Williams in the backcourt and Nerlens Noel in the middle. Embiid is a dark horse here, though. He's not a perfect fit up front with Noel -- they are different players, and both are pretty raw -- but it would be an intriguing teaming nonetheless.