Updated: June 26, 2014, 01:00 PM EST

Jeff Goodman's NBA Mock Draft 4.0

Embiid's injury causes movement all over the board


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The NBA Draft was just days away when the picture near the top finally began to take shape - until Joel Embiid's latest injury clouded the field. Now, teams outside the top two are scrambling to acquire the necessary medical info to determine whether or not the skilled 7-footer is worth the risk.

With Embiid injured, it's a two-man race between Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins for the top pick -- with no shortage of uncertainty further down the board.

Here's my mock draft 4.0.

Remember, this isn't a mock draft based on what I would do. It's a view of what is most likely to happen, based on information gathered from NBA executives, college coaches and other industry sources.

Jabari Parker
Cleveland Cavaliers (51 - 31)
HT: 6-8
WT: 241

Analysis: David Griffin and the Cavs were leaning heavily toward taking Joel Embiid until the Cameroon native suffered a stress fracture in his foot. Embiid already had lingering back concerns, and so it seems the Cavs have been scared off. Parker is the ideal fit for Cleveland. The Cavs lack shooting, basketball IQ, toughness and leadership, all traits that are plentiful in Parker.

Andrew Wiggins
Milwaukee Bucks (42 - 40)
HT: 6-8
WT: 200

Analysis: The Bucks go with the ultra-athletic Wiggins over Aussie point guard Dante Exum. Wiggins will give Milwaukee another young and long player with tons of upside to go along with Giannis Antetokounmpo, John Henson and Larry Sanders.